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About Us

Brand Em was founded with the desire to offer a high quality product at an affordable price, with a strong focus on good old fashioned customer service. To offer a simple, effective no fuss product. We wanted to ensure our products were ethically sourced, we believe we have created that, but will never stop with our desire to be better. 

Our aim is to keep you the client fully up to date with the process of your order, always keep the client focus at the fore front of our minds and ensure our prices are affordable and always available, never hidden.

When searching for a factory nothing was more important to us than finding a partnership in a factory who’s absolute priority was the well being of their teams, whilst never letting the quality diminish. We think we have found the perfect balance in our production facilities.  

Their ethos and inspiration is all about their people. They have a large air-conditioned factory that is kept in immaculate showroom condition. They even focus on the small but important details such as having plants through the workplace to make their staff feel more comfortable. All staff are provided with healthy meals during working hours, they are also paid anywhere from 30% to 50% more than the industry standard. Their employees are given a free educational program that includes learning English, financial management and health improvement. To us this is what ethically sourcing products is all about, ensuring humanity throughout the manufacturing process.

All of our workmanship is guaranteed. Our quality control department will ensure your garments are of the highest quality. If you receive any garment that is a lessor quality standard, simply take a photo and we will credit the item back to you. As these are individually hand made items please understand that we allow a 5% grace for assembly variance. 

V Neck
V Neck